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Wabi Sabi the Art of Imperfection

Wabi-sabi is a concept in traditional Japanese aesthetics, centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”. Loosely translated, “wabi” is simplicity, whether elegant… Loe edasi

Earthy Emerald

Check out these beautiful shots from the new H&M Home Spring collection, Earthy Emerald. The new collection is all about the theme of green living.

Nordic Moods – New wallpaper collection from Photowall

Photowall proudly presents Nordic Moods – a collection designed by Norwegian Scandinavian Surface. Turbid structure walls, beautiful trees and geometric elegance. Scandinavian Surface fascination for nature is evident in the new collection and provides the magic feeling as… Loe edasi

Summer interiors and feng shui

Nature is coming alive and the colours seem to intensify with each passing day. The colours in the summer interiors are like the nature; vibrant and intense. Bring the nature inside with summery colours if you want to celebrate… Loe edasi

Anderssen & Voll Indoor aed piima

Kogumise spetsiaalseid tööriistu, Indoor Aiandus Project on linna roheline pöial unistus. Kujundanud Norra disainistuudio Andersseni & Voll eest Canadian poest mjölk, which pairs international designers with local artisans to create small homeware… Loe edasi

Sadul õppetool

At Kingitused & Sisustus Trade Fair Lillestrøm eelmisel nädalal ma armusin ilus Sadul õppetool kujundas Angell, Wyller & Aarseth. Ühendades pesa-like koosiinuste tahke struktuur, see on tagasihoidlik ja sõbralik tooli…. Loe edasi

Pehme iseloomuga kodu

Home tour | Neutral colors and soft nature characterize this apartment in Copenhagen. A great mix of earth tones, a lots of beautiful wood and stone elements combined with vintage and second-hand finds creates a really interesting Scandinavian… Loe edasi

David Carlson härra Perswall

Mr Perswall on, Alates selle loomisest aastal 2006, julgustada loovust ja mängulisust, pakkudes innovatiivseid tapeet designs. As a way to continue that effort Mr Perswall decided to ask a few of the most interesting creative minds of… Loe edasi