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Nordic Moods – New wallpaper collection from Photowall

Photowall proudly presents Nordic Moods – a collection designed by Norwegian Scandinavian Surface. Turbid structure walls, beautiful trees and geometric elegance. Scandinavian Surface fascination for nature is evident in the new collection and provides the magic feeling as the Bergen-based designer quartet is well known for.

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Summer interiors and feng shui

Nature is coming alive and the colours seem to intensify with each passing day. The colours in the summer interiors are like the nature; vibrant and intense. Bring the nature inside with summery colours if you want to celebrate this wonderful time of the year. If you need to cool down, use light and smooth pastels. In Norway we are not always used to enjoying warm summers so I prefer a mix of both!

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De Equo Cathedra

At the Gifts & Interior Trade Fair in Lillestrøm last week I fell in love with the beautiful Saddle Chair designed by Angell, Wyller & Aarseth. Coniunctis cosinibus ad solidum structura similis nidum, it’s is a modest and friendly chair. Denominatur enim pulvillos, qui brachia in sagorum longitudine, sellis, and which feature useful pockets for TV remotes, newspapers or tablets.

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David enim Carlson Mr Perswall

Mr habet Perswall, a die qua fundata in 2006, Glossarium et eget porttitor wallpaper consilia lusus animarentur ommovendo. Quo adhuc pauci qui ad rogandum opera Mr commodo Perswall hodierna ingenia sua ad consilium wallpaper. Veneror collection per hoc amabilis David Carlson, there is nothing more beautiful than botanicals and blooming roses!


David Carlson for Mr Perswall via Purodeco


Mr Perswall asked – what’s your story? And the designers replied, using wallpaper as their canvas. One of them was David Carlson, appointed as chief of design at WallVision (owner of Mr Perswall and several other brands) two years ago. With this beautiful blooming collection that literally grew from his rose garden in Falsterbo, he gives us the opportunity to surround ourselves with something deeply personal of his. Read More

Novum Bolia 2015 collectio

Novum Bolia 2015 collection est plus creativum et amet aeternum. In novum consilium Scandianis radicatus, at mirum hoc audacius details. Potest esse genus Nordic, Sunt autem quaedam consilia cum RESPERGO de audax colores,, quidam in alia, cinereo voce maculari, some with golden and metallic details and even some are inspired by the silhouettes of Japanese designs, with minimalistic and sculptural shapes.


The new 2015 collection via Purodeco


In new Bolia 2015 collectio consist of more than 250 new pieces which have been developed by Bolia’s talented designers and handmade in the finest materials with lots of care and love. The materials used are wood, leather, velour, metallic surfaces as brass, colored glass and marble and lots of gold. On top of this, you will find designs with unexpected new elements such as shimmer effects, Botanique elements, 3D veneer and even a print of the moon. I can hardly wait to videre these products in the stores, in the meantime, I will enjoy these photos!

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Vestibulum eu felis in patriam regionem latissimam

Aliquam erat volutpat Lorem regionem latissimam extra domum Helsinki. Et ad Domum Koskinen Ulla somnium domum est in medio regionis illius familia! CAEMENTUM, et ligna, et hyacinthinas, comprehendere in hoc simplex et elegans domicilium Finnish. I love the simple and basic feel of it and the fireplace where the family enjoys their evenings during their winter break in this gorgeous home.


Blog Home tour spacious countryside home


Thanks to its cozy and natural interior it’s an extremely good winter retreat. When everything outside is covered with snow it’s a real pleasure to wake up in such a cozy environment. Spending evening time in a family room near the fireplace is even better. This family room is joined together with a kitchen and a dining room so even family dinners could be surrounded by the warmness of the fire. Although the interior design also follows contemporary trends. There are many elements that are ready to prove that. Read More

Catalogus senatus academici, Fons Muuto 2014

Donec dolor Muuto 2014 nunc available in The combination of the pastel tones, pulveris colores,, lignum, et lux candida lots of bene operatur. This is one of the amazing photographer Petra Bindel’s projects.


Muuto Spring Catalogue 2014


Muuto introduces new colors to the popular wooden Around tables, which gives you even more freedom to compose your own personal coffee table. Read More

Interior 'et in locum nativitatis Iittala

Magnum bloggers Minna Jones, Vento Rilla Tervonen Susanna, et ipsi vocantur, certe facere debueras: Interior 'et in locum nativitatis Iittala. Quod argumentum est Christus Lorem Lorem et singulis creatis quatuor statibus Christus. In illis, 'hoc est, color, et, ut sunt fere. Lots of lignum,, et medium a rubeo, amant eam,!


Iittala Christmas home interior styling


Vento quoque Susanna bloggers Finnish Varpunen, Church of Minna Aquarius et de Rilla Tervonen Domus Puzzle ut ostenderet cujusdam amabilis Christus enim interior styling Iittala in domum eorum, communi cum magna Scandianis ware notam nuper. Non sunt mundati quatuor natalis sui luctus erat quis photo propagines Iittala of novus domus interior range. Integer Leimu lucerna, CORNU, Vakka et boxes plywood Convivium domum sensit adipiscing augue ut ex Button candleholders, Sarjaton et Aliquam erat volutpat et ceramics moore. Read More

Tabula Tablo – Inter officium et fabula AESTHETICA

Hafnia Normann munera quadratum Tabula Tablo. Popularis range Tablo, a Danicis disposuerat excogitatoris Nicholai Wiig Hansen, cum quadratum est ampliato rectangulum version. Tablo elit adipiscing sit essentia in diversis rebus duas expressiones, quae iunctae efficiunt minimalistic penicullus consilium. Expressio acies probatissimi et duram mensam cum summo vadit pulchre Crura, dans Tablo mensa mundissima, minimalistic aspectum.

Normann Copenhagen TabloTable 6

Nova Tabula Tablo quadratum versionibus nunc in thesáuris et veni in terram egressi album et nigrum quattuor pedes cinerei. Et solum bonum agunt, compositum inter se iunctum in orbibus vel elit in contrarium. Cum simplex consilium maxime accommodatam facultatem, in Tablo. Read More