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Purodeco’s feng shui website

I love sharing feng shui knowledge and wisdom. On my Norwegian feng shui website you’ll get a mix of feng shui & interior, based on my personal experience for my family and my work as a feng shui consultant. My intention with this site is to make feng shui easily understandable for all, without departing from the authentic feng shui fundamentals.

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Funky Doris releases in collaboration with photographer Nina Ruud and stylist Per Olav Sølvberg these new beautiful photos. Funky Doris has allready an uncomplicated, warm and humorous style and the photographer and the stylist were given free rein in the process. I think the result is magical!




Funky Doris is a young Norwegian brand, founded by Tove Trydal and Grethe Bjørk. Their collections are inspired by Scandinavian design from the 50 – 60 and 70’s.  Funky Doris philosophy is simple; they want us to surround ourselves with charming everyday products in long lasting qualities. They also want to be sure that they are taking proper account of the environmental and working conditions where their collections are made and have visited the factories in India. Funky Doris provides a range of wonderful mix of nostalgia, retro charm and humor. Read More

Svartskog Kolonial – home in Norway

Svartskog Kolonial is situated just outside Oslo. This beautiful colonial and home has a brilliant location and beautiful views over the Oslo Fjord. Be inspired by this playful and inspirational home with colorful interior and a mix of old furniture, recycled craft, retro and vintage pieces of contemporary design. I just can’t help but I love all the great things displayed in this home.


Svartskog Kolonial and home in Norway via Purodeco

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Oslo apartment with a floating staircase

Home tour | This central Oslo apartment features on the shortlist for the World Interior of the Year award which was announced at Inside Festival. In this refurbishment project I especially like the warm minimalism of the wooden flooring, the natural colours, the bespoke kitchen with open fire, the double height bathroom and the beautiful minimalist floating staircase.


Oslo apartment with a minimalistic floating staircase via Purodeco


The Oslo apartment, Designed by London based Haptic Architects, is located on the top floor of a 19th century apartment building and sees the lower floor combined with the newly purchased top floor. The refurbishment includes a bespoke kitchen with open fire, a double height bathroom, and a minimalistic floating staircase. The material palette for the home comprises oak flooring and joinery as a counterpoint to polished concrete, grey stone and white Corian. Read More

Green Christmas home

In some ways color is for me more important than actual design elements. I always follow my intuition and choose the color which feels good in my surroundings. Since I like most colors I often switch but choose some colors more often than others. It might not come as a surprise, but I personally prefer green style Christmas decorations. Therefore there will be a green Christmas home for me this year!


Green Christmas home


In order to choose a proper color scheme for your Christmas decorations, think about what colors you already have. A good rule of thumb is to always choose colors that match or contrast nicely with your decor. Your color scheme can be made up of Christmas lights, ornaments, garlands, wreaths, ribbons, sequins and stockings, which are available in a variety of colors. You don’t need to totally redesign your home to create a cozy Christmas atmosphere. I prefer to use my everyday accessories, add some fresh flowers and just a few Christmas decorations to create a personal touch and a spirit of Christmas in my home. Read More

Bluegreen favorites from Designforevigs Christmas catalog

Last week Bluegreen was announced as the color of the year 2014 in Norway and there is a lot of beautiful home decor in these beautiful color shades. Here are some of my Bluegreen favorites from Designforevigs Christmas catalog.


Bluegreen favorites from Designforevigs Christmas catalog


 1. Brick pillow from Normann Copenhagen 2. Skog from Magnor 3. Kiwi Votive from Iittala 4. Nappula candleholder from Iittala 5. Maribowl from Iittala 6. Vitriini from Iittala 7. Avento from Kähler 8. Jasper Conran from Wedgwood Read More