Nordmann Lounge chair by Hallo Oslo

Say hello to Nordmann Lounge chair by Hallo Oslo! The new Norwegian furniture brand Hallo Oslo makes an ambitious entre in the furniture market with the new chair Nordmann Lounge. Combining cosiness to a solid structure, Nordmann is… 閱讀更多

Feng shui bedroom - Purodeco

Feng shui bedroom

New blog post over at Purodeco Feng Shui, this time about feng shui bedroom. We spend a third of our life in our bedroom. It’s the space we wake up in and it’s the last space we see before retiring to… 閱讀更多

Norwegian design icons - Hans Brattrud

Norwegian design icons

Norwegian producers have a long tradition of creating top quality furniture and interior design. Norwegian Icons want to make this quality available internationally. Check out their site Important Norwegian design icons all on one site, focusing on the 1940’s to 1975.


Purodeco’s feng shui website

I love sharing feng shui knowledge and wisdom. On my Norwegian feng shui website you’ll get a mix of feng shui & 室內, based on my personal experience for my family and my work as a feng shui… 閱讀更多

Hegne by Kristine Bjaadal

Hegne by Kristine Bjaadal

Kristine Bjaadal presented her brand new prototypes Hegne in Milan last week. Hegne is a container in turned wood with a ceramic dome lid. The dome has an oculus serving as a knob. Hegne is something in-between a… 閱讀更多



Funky Doris releases in collaboration with photographer Nina Ruud and stylist Per Olav Sølvberg these new beautiful photos. Funky Doris has allready an uncomplicated, warm and humorous style and the photographer and the stylist were given free rein… 閱讀更多

Svartskog Kolonial and home in Norway

Svartskog Kolonial – 家在挪威

Svartskog Kolonial就位於奧斯陸郊外. 這個美麗的殖民地和家庭有著輝煌的位置,並在奧斯陸峽灣美景. Be inspired by this playful and inspirational home with colorful interior and a mix of… 閱讀更多


家庭旅遊 | 在入圍的年度最佳世界室內將其在內部節公佈了奧斯陸市中心的公寓設有. In this refurbishment project I especially like the warm minimalism of the wooden… 閱讀更多