Aura Home – an oasis of pleasure and comfort

Aura Home01

I’m really impressed by the marvelous bed linen and home accessories created by the Australian company “Aura”.  These stunning items are from their catalogue winter 2012. Winter it is because Australia is in the middle of this season now.     In the most literal, descriptive sense, Australian based AURA makes bed linen and home […]

Afro dizzy at Design Indaba Expo

Afro dizzy1

In anticipation for Elle Decoration South Africas upcoming Afro-inspired Ideas and Pattern Issue, they’ve gathered some more bright finds from the Design Indaba Expo: Dizzying patterns, afro-cool colour, beautiful pattern combos, and colour blocking with wood and steel.  

Cement Tiles by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Concrete tiles1

Inspired by traditional Arabic geometry, these concrete tiles designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune are handmade in Marrakech, Morocco. They comes in a variety of beautifully fresh colors, and can be laid in in several patterns. I think the handmade quality of these tiles makes them particular elegant, their simplicity, timeless, and their fun colors, absolutely fun and […]

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