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Home tour – apartment in Manhattan

Home tour | I really like the accessible furnishings in this stylish apartment in Manhattan. Especially how old and new are mixed in a completely fresh and modern way. Lauren Moffatt’s casual approach to organizing her living space with found objects rather than buying lots of expensive furniture and décor works perfectly. Every of these photos has  something totally unexpected that caught my eye, yet the whole space feels totally cohesive.

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Ecofriendly Pompom Stool

This ecofriendly Pompom Stoolby Studio Avni is a burst of color and inspiration for environmentally conscious homes. The small, bright-colored pompoms are made of recycled Sarees, the vividly draped traditional Indian garments worn by women in India.

 Ecofriendly Pompom Stool


The ecofriendly Pompom Stool Series is yet another whimsical textural take inspired from the various traditional garments and accessories worn across many regions using manipulating different indigenous techniques. The result is a vibrant 3D tactile series that livens up any indoor space. Read More

Recycled Christmas trends of 2012

Recycled and upcycled is one the Christmas trends of 2012. The nice thing about this trend is that you can tweak the decor to look rustic, modern, minimalist and traditional or whichever style you prefer. Some of my favorite recycled and upcycled DIY ideas are to use vintage books or note sheets to make a Christmas chain, ornaments or advent calendar. This trend allows you to get creative with your trash; the result becomes personal, unique and original!



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Halloween inspiration – vintage book pumpkins

These vintage book pumpkins are the perfect Halloween decorations for a teacher, librarian, book lover or favorite vintage friend. Make space for it on your bookshelf at home or set out as part of your autumn decor.


vintage book pumpkins


These vintage book pumpkins from a thrift store stash are made of old, vintage, well-loved books, crafted into adorable pumpkins. Read More

The Box House

The Box House is located in the town of Florence in Italy. This old carpenter’s workshop has been redesigned into a loft, using a series of about three hundred old wooden boxes. The architects turned the ex-industrial space used for carpentry into a spacious and original loft. The gorgeous mix of vintage furniture, bold colors and unique objects pieces make the styling look great.


Box House


Inspired in its past, the Box House is a blend of modern minimalism and history. Three hundred ballot boxes, and the unique vision of architects Alessandro Capellaro and Sabrina Bignami from b-arch, turn an ex-industrial space used for carpentry into a spacious and original loft in Firenze, Italy. They saw the potential of the space and took upon the challenge of transforming it into a modern home without compromising the charm of its historic essence. Read More

Scandinavian inspired Retro Posters from ReStyle

Retro Posters inspired by Scandinavian design & great midcentury vintage items. This fabulous Retro Posters from the ReStyle shop deserves to be visited by those who love Scandinavian-inspired design. The talented Czech illustrator, Jan Skácelík, has found inspiration not only in the beauty of Catherineholm enamel ware but in a lot of other things that would make us a bit swirly with love. For all collectors and lovers of Scandinavian design this Retro Posters are great accents for your home!


Retro Posters


Each Retro Poster is signed and printed on 160g paper. Available in different color combinations, the posters can be shipped all over the world, to any home that needs some artistic inspiration. Some of the prints feature images of well-known items, like the Rorstrand Tango cup with patterns by Marianne Westman, the Stig Lindbergs Bersa teapot or the patterns inspired by Cathrineholm. Captured in different sized posters, the Scandinavian mid-century modern designs add life and color to any corner of your home. Here are some of my favorites. Which one is yours? Read More

Lu Ink – design made with love

Lu Ink is a Barcelona based design duo formed by Australian digital artist George Angles and Spanish painter and designer Blanca Cases. Last year they opened a shop/workshop in Barcelona named Lu Ink to showcase the things that they love: paintings, cushions, trays, assorted things made of and on wood, textiles, and lots of other cool things for the house. Everything Lu Ink makes is either a one-of a kind or a limited edition, so you’re sure to come away with something truly unique.


Lu Ink


Lu Ink is the creative space of Blanca, Spanish painter and designer, and George, Australian digital artist. Their workshop and shop in Barcelona is where they make and sell the things that they love and like to be surrounded by. From textiles to mirrors, lamps, small furniture, paintings, photographs, maps, books, and even some clothes, like T-shirts and jackets. Read More

Skateboard Inspired Furniture

Skateboard these days are amazing examples of graphic design, and some are practically objects d’art.  What a shame that they should to go to a landfill after the boards have lost their pop! The sleek design of these unique recycled skate inspired piece of furniture’s are awesome and you don’t have to be a skater to appreciate these super cool pieces!




Skateboard picture frame holds two 4×6 photos in the flexible magnetic sleeves. The deck mounts either horizontally or vertically. Read More

Street Seats

Street Seats is a furniture project developed by Bade Stageberg Cox for the Pier 94 Coffee Bar at The Armory Show. The 50 chairs, found abandoned on the streets of New York, were repaired and given a new life with a coat of taxi cab yellow paint. The bottom of each chair is stamped and documented with the date and location it was recovered.


Street Seats


Street Seats


Street Seats


Found via The Design Ark



Moore yellow inspiration here at purodeco tomorrow!



Lars Beller Fjetland – 100% Norway at Tent London 2012

100% Norway at Tent London 2012Lars Beller Fjetland makes his first appearance at this year’s show. The designer, who will present two products at the exhibition, has nurtured a lifelong fascination for the marriage of function with the finest of nature’s materials in furniture, interiors and lighting.


100% Norway


Re-turned, a collection of small, recycled and reclaimed wooden birds is presented along with Nuki, a robust coffee table that sits at the crossroads between Japanese and Nordic aesthetics. Read More

Palm handcrafted Wood baskets from Vietnam

Piet Hein Eek’s Fair Trade Baskets are Beautifully Handcrafted from Recycled Palm Wood. Each piece is handcrafted in Vietnam using palm wood slabs according to the Fair Trade principles.




Famous Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek recently designed a beautiful set of baskets, bowls, and trays for Fair Trade Originals. Each piece is handcrafted in Vietnam using palm wood slabs according to the Fair Trade principles. Vietnamese handicraftsmen working in a family-owned workshop followed Piet Hein Eek’s designs to create a series of beautiful, functional objects by recycling a large batch of rejected breadboards.

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