Inspired by the nature

Home tour - inspired by the nature_by_nord_home

Kay vwayaj – inspired by the nature. The Danish couple and the owners of the successful design brand By Nord, brings the raw Nordic nature right into their home. They have created a home where they can find peace, inspiration and joy. Love the beautiful blends of many different materials such as leather, graphic print, cotton and […]

Innovative contemporary Scandinavian design

Innovative contemporary Scandinavian design blossom petals

Be&liv creates innovative and contemporary Scandinavian design. They have some great news in their lineup this year. The Blossom lampshades and a new summery color of the Petals fruit bowl – dusty pink. And also a whole new product in be&liv’s product range; Lily cake stand.     Be&liv is a brand for innovative contemporary […]

Hegne by Kristine Bjaadal

Hegne by Kristine Bjaadal

Kristine Bjaadal presented her brand new prototypes Hegne in Milan last week. Hegne is a container in turned wood with a ceramic dome lid. The dome has an oculus serving as a knob. Hegne is something in-between a product and an art object; a functional object made for use, but at the same time sculptural […]

Love Song Vases from Kähler

Love Song Vases_Kähler

News from Kähler this spring: Love song vases in new colors. The beautiful vases are decorated with the lyrics from three of the most iconic love songs of all times: “Love me Tender”, “All You Need is Love” and “It Had to be you”. A combination of raw expression and loving messages!  

Modèn ak byen klere apatman Scandinavian

Modern and bright Scandinavian apartment via Purodeco_

This modern and bright Scandinavian apartment is situated in Frederiksberg, Vil Copenhagen. Built in 1901 and beautifully renovated by the owners. The beautiful white-washed floors and soft colours used throughout the apartment makes the place luminous, fresh and airy.  

Pak Hoptimists

Easter Hoptimists via Purodeco

Pak Hoptimists – this little team of goodness and fun makes my day and Easter so much better. I can’t help but smile when I see these little bouncing balls of fun in people’s homes. One touch on the head of a Hoptimist and they bounce for ages. With the relaunch of the famous Danish dersign icon Hoptimist […]


Home tour – Classic and mid-century modern via Purodeco

Kay vwayaj - klasik ak mitan-syèk modèn konbine nan yon kay brikabrak Swedish. Mwen renmen jan brikabrak sa a sanble lakay. Gen anpil eleman klasik ki metriz konbine ak bèl mitan-syèk moso modèn. Konplo a koulè, yo kenbe yo trè net, ki fè richès ki te menm plis remakab epi kreye yon reyèlman enteresan lakay Scandinavian.  

New Koleksyon soti nan branch yo Sè


Soti nan faktori tendans lakay - koleksyon an nouvo soti nan Søstrene Grene konsiste de anvan tout koreksyon style endistriyèl ak koulè mou ak pwòp pousyè blan. Yon nouvo vèsyon nòdik nan gade endistriyèl la – enspire pa style la faktori anvan tout koreksyon epi Rustic. Mwen totalman renmen gade sa a ak manier la bèl nan foto sa yo e li te […]

Hoptimist prezante Atomik & Kinetik pa Conny Brozek


Nan 2015 Hoptimist prezante Atomik & Kinetik pa Conny Brozek. Conny Brozek Koleksyon an se yon relansman nan ankò yon lòt pwodwi Danwa konsepsyon soti nan la a 60 ak 70 an tankou Hoptimists yo. Conny Brozek Koleksyon a konsiste de preliminè de diferan estil - Atomik ak kinetik. Yo konpoze de voye boul chrome ti nan balans sous dlo ki yo tache […]

Kay vwayaj – Apatman ak yon manyen Rezèv tanpon fanm

Home tour - Apartment with a feminine touch via Purodeco 5

Kay yo tap sou sit entènèt la nan Swedish ajan imobilye Stadshem yo se toujou yon gwo fèt nan je yo. Sa a se ti apatman nan Sweden dekore nan tout koulè Pestèl tankou yon woz pal, ble ak mou gri. Sa a limyè ak Airy kay li gen yon manyen Rezèv tanpon fanm bèl.  

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