Magna ceramic knife magnets

Magna ceramic knife magnets 6

Magna ceramic knife magnets are one of Kähler’s new designs for your kitchen this autumn. Magna ceramic magnets will add charm to larger kitchens with clean lines, or underline the creativity and personal style of smaller, cosier kitchens. By mixing the delicate pastel shades you can create a stylish and subtle look in your kitchen. […]

Oslo apatman ki gen yon eskalye k ap flote

Kay vwayaj | This central Oslo apartment features on the shortlist for the World Interior of the Year award which was announced at Inside Festival. In this refurbishment project I especially like the warm minimalism of the wooden flooring, the natural colours, the bespoke kitchen with open fire, the double height bathroom and the beautiful […]

Prezidan Touchwood pa Lars Fjetland Beller

Touchwood Chair by Lars Beller Fjetland

Prezidan Touchwood pa Lars Fjetland Beller soti nan nwayo kwayans designer nan Nòvejyen an ke moun benefisye de entèraksyon chak jou avèk materyèl natirèl. Touchwood se yon chèz versatile ak akeyan an bwa ak tout detay initil retire epi li ajoute yon manyen nan lanati nan lavi chak jou. Nòvejyen designer Lars Beller Fjetland santi l fòtman ke gen moun ki benefisye […]

Airy tab bò ak Fib chèz pa Muuto

Airy side table and Fiber chair by Muuto via Purodeco

Muuto te ajoute de atik plis nan koleksyon yo; Airy tab bò ki fèt nan Cecilie Manz gen byen-li te ye konpare desann desen yo ak nannan jantiyès ki se nòmal pou desen li. Chèz la Fib ki fèt nan Iskos-Bèlen, pran arketip a abitye nan chèz la basen ak diminye li nan fòm ki pi senp li yo ak ofri anpil nan […]

100% Nòvèj nan Festival Design London 2014

London Design Festival 2014 - Saddle by Angell Wyller & Aarseth via Purodeco

Depi 2003, 100% Norway exhibition has been one of the most exciting mainstays of the London Design Festival, showcasing the best of Norwegian furniture and product design to an international audience. 100% Norway has divided its exhibition into three parts this year; Experiments, Exploration and Resultsthat come together to create an overview of […]

Nouvo Bolia a 2015 koleksyon

The new Bolia 2015 collection 8

Nouvo Bolia a 2015 koleksyon se pi vanyan la ak kreyatif tout tan tout tan. Li te gen rasin li nan konsepsyon nouvo nan Scandinavian, men ane sa a ak detay plis nana ak etone. Style a se nòdik, men gen kèk desen yo ak yon Splash nan koulè nana, kèk tache nan diferan ton gri, gen kèk ki gen an lò ak metalik […]

New products from be&lavi

New products from be and liv Purodeco

dwe&liv have some new products, Blossom candle holder & Petals fruit bowl. All the products are designed flat and are easily mailable and they blossom after assembly. dwe&liv is a Scandinavian design brand for contemporary gifts, home decor and lifestyle items. They create unique products with a fresh twist!     be&liv’s first product theme is gifts […]

Charming summer home in Denmark

Home tour via Purodeco

Kay vwayaj | After an extensive renovation of a former holiday cabin, this charming summer home in Denmark become a home for the owners the whole year round. The Cottage charm in the house is retained and the many interesting details throughout the house make it very personal and charming.  

Iittala launches timeless interior news

Iittala launches timeless interior news via Purodeco

Iittala launches timeless interior news for fall 2014. The iconic Finnish global design brand launches a series of small accessories for the home designed by Scandinavia’s top designers.     Iittala has dominated world of design-conscious tabletop products for well over a century so this addition to the existing collection is a highly anticipated launch. […]

Scandinavian Apartment with a Green Touch

Scandinavian Apartment with a Green Touch via Purodeco 2

Kay vwayaj |Stylish Scandinavian apartment with a green touch. I love the way green plants liven up the rooms in this Swedish apartment and make the entire white feel a little less clinical. I also like what they did with the bookcase; it gives this black, natural and crispy white home a personal touch!  

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