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Create a Spring wall with design letters

Create your own flower wall with small wild bouquets in the Flower Cups from DESIGN LETTERS & FRIENDS. Place them directly on the wall on cup up and give your home an instant spring feeling.

家庭旅遊 – Playful modern vintage

This beautiful light home made me smile; it has so much charm and character. I like the beautiful touch of modern vintage, clean lines and the hint of usual playfulness in this home. So many interesting details you… 閱讀更多

Purodeco’s blue and green colour universe

Blue and green is the dominant colour palette throughout our home, but vary how we use the colors from room to room to keep it interesting. In some rooms we use the colours on the walls or as… 閱讀更多

家庭旅遊 – Charming Apartment in Paris

今日, I am featuring the home of the Parisian interior designer Cecile Figuette. She lives in an old Parisian workshop converted into a loft, bathed in light. She did a fabulous job decorating her beautiful and charming apartment… 閱讀更多


從工廠到時尚家居 - 新的集合來自SøstreneGrene由原材料工業風格,柔和的色彩灰塵,乾淨的白色. 的工業外觀新北歐版 – inspired by the raw and… 閱讀更多


家庭旅遊 | 斯堪的納維亞靈感的家在俄羅斯由INT2架構設計. 家中有一個有趣的組合不同的內飾風格搭配, 混合斯堪的納維亞, 工業和環保的一個美麗而精心設計的空間. Especially a strong… 閱讀更多


新老光通過KIMU設計模仿傳統的外觀燈籠,使經典的東西連接. The Taiwan-based studio have created the New Old Light with an industrial-style reflector attached to a paper lantern… 閱讀更多


這裡有幾個從後面的聖誕表中的場景拍攝,規範裝飾的丹麥雜誌博Bedre與他們的設計. 享受這些原料和簡單的照片從規範建築師聖誕節,有可愛的灰色陰影!