Kay Bojesen Drammen Museum Norway Ape - Monkey

Kay Bojesen at Drammen Museum

케이 Bojesen, the spirited Danish designer gave life to the iconic and famous wooden monkey. With his wonderful enthusiasm, Bojesen bubbled over with design ideas, with both high functionality and aesthetics. Drammen Museum in Norway, now celebrates his creativity… 자세히보기


Nordmann Lounge chair by Hallo Oslo

Say hello to Nordmann Lounge chair by Hallo Oslo! The new Norwegian furniture brand Hallo Oslo makes an ambitious entre in the furniture market with the new chair Nordmann Lounge. Combining cosiness to a solid structure, Nordmann is… 자세히보기

Kay Bojesen wooden sparrows via Purodeco 5

Kay Bojesen wooden sparrows

Kay Bojesen wooden sparrows have just been launched. The set of seven wooden sparrows was originally designed in 1935. Like so many of Bojesen’s designs it was rediscovered in the Rosendahl archive and is now created in all its colourful glory.

Iittala Plektra stool_

Iittala Plektra stool and side table

Iittala newly launched the clever and versatile Plektra stool. Designed by Ineke Hans, Plektra is a lovely addition to Iittala’s interior collection. Plektra holds the middle ground between side table and stool.

Hegne by Kristine Bjaadal

Hegne by Kristine Bjaadal

Kristine Bjaadal presented her brand new prototypes Hegne in Milan last week. Hegne is a container in turned wood with a ceramic dome lid. The dome has an oculus serving as a knob. Hegne is something in-between a… 자세히보기


Hoptimist – 당신은 웃음이

이 귀여운 매우 낙관적 인 남자와 여자가​​ 호출된다 Hoptimists. 그들은 덴마크 가구 디자이너 한스 구스타프 Ehrenreich에 의해 설계되었습니다. Hoptimist 삶의 기쁨을 상징하고 자신의 간단한 임무는 당신이 미소를 만들기 위해 단지이다. 그리고… 자세히보기

Saddle Chair via Purodeco

안장 의자

선물을 & Lillestrom의 인테리어 무역 박람회 지난 주 나는 엔젤 설계 한 아름다운 안장 의자와 사랑에 빠졌다, Wyller & Aarseth. 고체 구조에 둥지 같은 코사인을 결합, 그것은 겸손하고 친절한 의자 것…. 자세히보기

Soft nature home

소프트 자연 홈

홈 투어 | 중립 색상과 부드러운 성격은 코펜하겐에서이 아파트의 특징. 지구 음색의 좋은 혼합, a lots of beautiful wood and stone elements combined with vintage and second-hand finds creates a really interesting Scandinavian… 자세히보기