Turquoise and Aqua

Turquoise & Aqua are great colors for a hot summer, at least for us in Spain… Almost everyone enjoys the colors of the ocean and the pale blues of the sky in all the different multitudes of nuances, shades and hues. There is something calming about an expanse of aqua or turquoise it appears to free the mind.



I’ve always been very fond of and fascinated by colors. Even though I have for a long time used a neutral base at home, I constantly add new colors in terms of various details. But I constantly change my “color mood” as well and switch colors straight as it is. Frequently I wonder why I suddenly feel the need of a particular color. This fall I begin to study the Feng Shui and I hope that I’ll figure out more about why this is so. I will continually share ideas and new knowledge with my readers here on purodeco. For now I hope that you enjoy this splash of bright colors!




Turquoise and aqua are very similar and people often get confused as to how much aqua and turquoise look like. They are both blue greens. However, turquoise has a relatively greener shade over its blue shade compared to aqua which has the same shades of blue and green.




According to Feng Shui, turquoise or aqua can be used as blue or green to affect an environment. It represents fluidity, movement of new ideas, healing and growing. Based on the bagua chart, it is best when used in the health and family (center left) and knowledge and self-cultivation (front left) sections of one’s home. Using the compass directions, aqua/blue green is best used in the North and East sections of your space. I just can’t wait to learn more about this!


Take a look here and click on the images to see where all of these lovely Turquoise and aqua photos come from!




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